How Do You Know If Your Polished Concrete Is Ready?

Polished or Sealed Concrete: Polished concrete has the same look and feel as natural stone, but it is a much more expensive option. Sealed concrete on the other hand is much less labor intensive and requires only a few simple steps to install. Sealed concrete generally recommend sealed concrete for an even cheaper alternative. However, the sealant used in both of these concrete alternatives are not recommended for use on wet concrete since it can allow moisture to seep into the concrete and cause the sealant to deteriorate over time.AllStar Concrete Coatings

In order to properly seal your polished or sealed concrete, you need to first know how it works and what makes it work better than other types of concrete. For one thing, polishing concrete actually removes the natural color of the concrete. Instead, sealed concrete uses a special chemical dye to make the concrete shiny and gives it a very similar appearance to natural stone.garage floor epoxy

Sealant: Sealants come in many forms, but they all work with one basic purpose: They keep water from seeping into the concrete. Some sealants are more effective at stopping water than others, so you will find different sealants available depending on what type of concrete you are working on. For instance, concrete with a high density (like parking lots) will need more expensive sealants than a more porous concrete like driveways.

Another important aspect of sealing your polished or sealed concrete is the type of sealant that is used. There are several sealants on the market today, and each one has their own pros and cons. The most important thing to remember when choosing sealant is that it must be compatible with the other concrete products used on the project, or you will risk having the whole project ruined.

Once the sealant has been applied to the concrete, it is left to sit and harden. Hardening is actually what gives polished concrete its shiny finish, so you can expect to see some shine while the sealant is still in place. The sealant will need to be constantly reapplied to keep the new shine.

Another thing to keep in mind about sealers is that they should be applied to the concrete only when it is dry. Polished concrete can become damp after being exposed to water and humidity. When applying the sealant, make sure that you let it dry out completely before applying again.

Before you install your sealant, be sure to have everything ready. If you are installing driveway sealant, you will need to have some measuring tape, saw blades, and a trowel. This will be used to spread out the sealant evenly across the surface of the driveway and to remove any air pockets that may appear.

When you are ready to install your concrete sealer, you will need to put down some polystyrene or another type of covering on top of the driveway, or on any portion of the driveway where the sealer is to be applied. Make sure that it is completely covered before covering the edges.