Blockchain jobs: companies show interest & pay a lot of money

The number of new jobs in the crypto and blockchain sector has risen dramatically in recent months. Although prices are recovering only slowly, crypto careers are in demand like never before.

Crypto currencies are just beginning. And crypto & blockchain can be much more than just a currency. Small and large companies are looking for blockchain talents from around the world to take advantage of the blockchain in their business.

Blockchain experts wanted

IBM, Visa and Microsoft – giants of the tech and finance industry – are looking for blockchain experts. The CEO of Burning Glass Technologies, Matt Siegelman, describes blockchain experiences as disruptive skills and points to the extreme growth rate of the blockchain job industry in recent years:

In 2012, there were only a few vacancies for blockchain experts. By 2016 there were 1,838 vacancies and by mid-2017 there were 3,958. That is 115 percent more than in 2016.

The most common job offer is the position of „blockchain developer“, which covers virtually every aspect of the blockchain area.

The growing number of large companies looking for blockchain experts is a strong indicator of interest in blockchain technology. However, many companies still don’t know exactly what they need a blockchain expert for.

What are Blockchain employers looking for in the Bitcoin revolution?

It seems that some companies simply want to test what is possible with the onlinebetrug blockchain. Others search specifically for Blockchain talents for their project. Visa, for example, is currently looking for developers with good ethereal and solidarity skills.

It is interesting to note that there are still no generally accepted qualifications for blockchain experts. Mostly, degrees or experiences with software, cryptography or computer science are in demand.